Channel Zero nike dunks | Channel Zero nikes

Channel Zero nike dunks | Channel Zero nikes

Product name: Channel Zero nike dunks Color: Rainbow black white

Just like the song "she Watched Channel Zero" The woman makes the men all pause And if you got a woman She might make you forget yours There's a 5 letter word To describe her character But her brains being washed by an actor And every real man that tries to approach Come the closer he comes He gets dissed like a roach I don't think I can handle She goes channel to channel Cold lookin' for that hero She watch channel zero ...

Yes, Channel Zero nike dunks are the best design of nike dunk series, you can see the appearance of Channel Zero nike dunks. Now I had bought about 10 pairs Channel Zero nike dunks, I just want to collect Channel Zero nike dunks, because I love Channel Zero nike dunks.

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