Learn about disability insurance

Learn about disability insurance

In today’s time disability insurance has also become very important to buy mainly for those who are working and earning income for their family. It is a type of life insurance but slightly different from it. It is also known as disability income. If in some stage of life you will not be able to work and have to sit at home because of some disability then your whole family will be affected from that situation. This type of insurance gives short-term as well as long-term disability benefits. It is another smart investment of money which will reap sweet fruits in the needed times.

In life insurance, one will get full amount after insured’s death but in this you will get monthly or weekly income when you are not able to work. Another benefit of this insurance which makes it important is that it shows its effect when you are still alive. There are basically three types of disability insurance, first is when your employer where you are working, covers you in group plan, second...
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