10 tips: Improve your chance of getting rich

10 tips: Improve your chance of getting rich

Dream bubble. Src: Google images

One winter night in Sofia, all dorms were dark except for one: ours.

Sitting in bed in our pajamas, my roomies and I were talking about how we’ll decorate our houses some day. Imagination knows no limits: we talked about pools and gardens and romantic dark bedrooms.

We chirped well into the little hours, and then my roommate said: “You know guys, no one ever sees themselves being poor in the future. Everyone imagines they are rich, or at least much better from now. But it doesn’t always turn that way.”

I could hear our three dream bubbles go pop, pop, pop.


I like having three categories of rich: billionaire, millionaire, K-naire (250k and above in the six-figures). I’m talking annual income. And I am ignoring assets. By that definition, what are your chances of getting rich?

We had this professor in accounting, Kosta Pergelov, who was over eighty when he took our...
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