Blink 182 Nike Shoes | Blink 182 Nikes

Blink 182 Nike Shoes | Blink 182 Nikes

The most sell model Blink 182 Nike Shoes are coming now, the fans will be very happy with this model shoes, they have special nike dunks shoes for blink 182, the Blink 182 Nike Shoes also look like a sign of blink 182 band logo. All fans would like to have one pair Blink 182 Nike Shoes for themselves. The blink 182 band which is one heavy metal band there are 3 people in this band. Blink 182 was formed in Poway, California, a suburb outside of San Diego, in 1992. After Mark Hoppus graduated high school in Ridgecrest, he relocated to San Diego to work at a record store and attend college. They first time decided to use the blink for the band name, but there is another band has named the blink. If they don't change the name they will be in trouble with the law problem. Then they add the 182 behind the blink, then the blink 182 is coming. 182 means nothing. Just choose some numbers.

The inspiration of this model Blink 182 Nike Shoes are from their same name...
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