BBCnn News: Tom Cruise Wiki - Twitter do Tom Cruise Official

BBCnn News: Tom Cruise Wiki - Twitter do Tom Cruise Official

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV famously known as Tom Cruise is an American film actor born on July 3rd, 1962 in Syracuse, New York, U. S. Apart from being an actor he is also a producer, writer, director. He was born to the couple Thomas cruise Mapother III an electrical engineer and Marry Lee a special education teacher.

The first play he participated in was IT. He then appeared in supporting roles in the film Endless Love and Taps. His first starring movie was losin’ it in the year 1983. He soon became a superstar by acting in many award winning films.

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As a producer he started his career in 1993 in partnership with his former talent agent Paula Wagner and Formed ‘Cruise/Wagner’ productions. His first film as a producer was Mission Impossible. In November 2006, they had taken over United Artists film Studio.

Cruise was first in relationship with Rebecca De Mornay; then he married Mimi Rogers on may 9,...
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