Healthy Weight: What Is Mine?

Healthy Weight: What Is Mine?

There are three ways of determining your healthy weight – healthy weight according to your height (old science), healthy weight according to your waist size (new science) and healthy weight according to your BMI (also new science).

In recent times, doctors, scientists, dieticians, personal trainers and medical professionals have come to agree that the term ‘healthy weight’ is a misnomer. The weight of a human body is the sum total of all that is in it including fat, muscles, water and bones. So professionals argue that rather than look at your weight, you need to look at your waist and also calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI).

According to the old ‘healthy weight’ rule book, a person who is 6-foot tall and weighing less than 120 Lbs would be classified as “healthy” – never mind the visible flab accumulating at the waist. New scientific thought tells us that the criteria for good health from point of view of our personal weight should be the quantum of fat within us...
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