Atletico Madrid vs Academica

Atletico Madrid vs Academica

– 25/10/2012Posted in: League Europe

Prediction: 1 Atletico Madrid are in perfect condition, competing for the 1st place in Spanish Premier League and really playing amazing and beautiful football. The team has very successful matches last weeks without any missed points, scoring a lot and reaching really great form. Atletico Madrid won in matches against Real Sociedad, Malaga, Espanyol and Real Betis, where Falcao made remarkable scores and really fantastic games. In League Europe the team has 2 wins in 2 matches and most probably will qualify for the next round without any problems. The home advantage and the good condition of the Spanish team will allow them to play freely and to get the 3 points in the match. The team of Academica is 1-2 classes below their opponents, as they are situating on 8th position in Portuguese Premiera Liga. Academica won against Ponte da Barca in the last match, but definitely having serious difficulties this season. They...
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