New Zealand Wants to Increase Cigarette Tax by 40%

New Zealand Wants to Increase Cigarette Tax by 40%

New Zealand will carry out its smoke-free objective by 20 years or more, if cigarette taxes are raised higher than planned. Public health expert Dr. Murray Laugesen declared that the planned annual cigarette excise increases each of around 10% would mean the smoke –free objective would not be accomplished until the 2040s or 2050s, rather than by the 2025 deadline.

Dr. Laugesen, who is currently composing a special committee submission on the tax-increase bill, states that there is a need in a tax boost of about 35% in the coming year, followed by annual growth of 20%. He added that this would empower the country with the ability to achieve the 2025 “smoke-free” objective- a smoking rate of less than 4.5%.

The price of a lower-cost cigarette brand of 20 cigarettes would increase to approximately $29 after four years under the given system, from $12 for a pack at present. The number of smokers among the adult population would probably decrease to...
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