ZinoUI – jQuery user interface framework

ZinoUI – jQuery user interface framework

ZinoUI is jQuery based, WAI-ARIA compatible, user interface framework consist of 20+ different components. Cross-platform user interface framework for you Web & Enterprise applications. A delightful addition to your CMS, Back-end and Front-end interfaces. Zino UI is brought by programmers for programmers and designers.

ZinoUI has 21 modern jquery compatible widgets, some of which are Menu, Tabs, Slideshow, Rating, Calendar, Tooltip, Overlay, Accordion, TreeView, and many more. ZinoUI has great form controls such as ComboBox, SelectBox, CheckBox, Radio button, Spinner and Button. All components are design and built on best practices, and employ advanced javascript technics. ZinoUI utilize HTML5 features and graceful fallback if they are not supported.

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